Nina Ahmadi Realized Inner Compassion Helps Make Better Self-portraits

“Every time I look at it, it feels more accurate,” chuckles NY-based photographer and student Nina Osoria Ahmadi while explaining to me the various self-portraits she’s documenting herself in. She often projects her struggles and experiences as a queer person of mixed cultural identity in these photos. Finding it necessary to self-reflect and take a … Read more

How to Find New Photo Spots

While browsing through various photo-sharing platforms, you might get the impression that everything has already been photographed. After all, millions of photos get uploaded each day to Instagram alone. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see a lot of repetition. Many photos show the same places, the same compositions, and often similar light … Read more

Queer Love Has a Voice Feels Photographer Ashley Zhang

“It is nonviable to prohibit a feeling,” photographer Ashley Zhang firmly states about the fallacy many people have regarding the inhibition of taboo relationships. Seeing something unique in the relationships of people she knew, she decided to document their romantic moments on film. She hopes to someday normalize this topic in her immediate and broader … Read more

Katerina Vo Explores Emotions Around Nationalism in a New Series

“Nationalism in itself is intimately linked to gender and sexuality,” says photographer and cultural analyst Katerina Vo about the idea behind her photo series Fatherland. It delves deep into the interwoven relationships between her father and her homeland, the USA. A lot of complex emotions and feelings stemming from her personal experiences poured themselves into … Read more