The Truth Behind Shotguns and Shotshell Patterns

There are plenty of shotgun and shotshell “truths” that simply aren’t, well, true. Many of these falsehoods are perpetuated by well-meaning folks that have not done the pattern work, don’t fully understand the engineering behind break-action, pump, gas-, and inertia-driven shotguns, or have misconceptions about the effectiveness of lead , steel, bismuth, and tungsten super … Read more

Potato Scab: Bacterial Potato Disease

One of the best parts of growing potatoes is the delight of harvesting them after months of waiting for the delicious tubers. Root vegetables are beloved and grown across the world but are also susceptible to different pests and diseases. Often, because the crop is underground, the symptoms are not visible until we pull them … Read more

How To Care For Mexicanum Philodendron

Philodendrons are not only the second largest genus in the Araceae family, but they’re also one of the most popular among houseplant enthusiasts. One popular species of Philodendrons that can be tough to find on the market is Philodendron mexicanum (fil-oh-DEN-dron meks-sih-KAY-num)a wonderful perennial that originated in Chiapas, México but found throughout Central America and … Read more

Deckers X Lab DX-G8 Combat Boots

Luke Cuenco 05.24.22 A good pair of boots is something that is an insanely personal and subjective thing to find. There are a lot of choices out there depending on what your exact mission is, but at the end of the day I think most of us just want a functional pair of boots that … Read more

How To Revive A Wilting Orchid

Orchids are some of the most stunning flowers, having captured the hearts of plant enthusiasts the world over. These traditional garden plants are now seeing a surge in indoor gardening, expanding their range enormously. Pin However, sometimes an orchid will start wilting, and the reasons may not be obvious. This can be especially concerning if … Read more

How to Download Instagram Photos

Need to download a photo from Instagram? Perhaps you uploaded a photo long ago and have since lost the original file, or perhaps you are interested in downloading a public domain space photo from NASA to use as your phone’s wallpaper. Whatever the reason, the good news is that it is easy to download Instagram … Read more