A flexible camera bag for city folk

I was recently offered the chance to take the Hex Ranger Clamshell Backpack out for an extended spin. Will this stylish clamshell camera bag live up to the standards other Hex camera bags have set, or will it fall short? Find out in our full review. Note: We were sent the Hex Ranger Clamshell Backpack … Read more

How DJ Morrow Uses Balloons to Make Unique Photos

“The pieces I love the most are the ones that speak to real world issues,” balloon artist and photographer DJ Morrow says about the favorites in his work. It’s a complex process to create these intricate displays, but DJ finds it important to give them life. Photographing them comes with many challenges, which he discusses … Read more

How to Stay in Your Best Shape

Years ago, I entered into a mentally dark place that led to my becoming clinically obese. It prompted me to write a super popular piece about how photo walking helped me lose weight. We’ve also talked to various folks about self-care. With it being summer in the US right now, we believe it’s time to … Read more

That’s Not a Lightroom Killer; This Is a Lightroom Killer! We Review ON1 Photo Raw 2022.5

Calling raw handling software a “Lightroom Killer” is a cliche. While, this powerful suite of tools is starting to overshadow the Adobe Photographer’s Plan. It is now posing a real challenge to Lightroom and Photoshop. ON1 Photo Raw has another update, and now it offers everything most photographers need. It’s why I’ve said goodbye to … Read more